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When you make a distinct choice you are drawing the attention of the crowd.  Its human nature to excel and to achieve something unique in the contemporary genre.  Our endeavours, entertainments, offerings, charities everything revolve around a central theme; to live a good life and to earn name and fame for us and our younger ones who are growing up!  The thought of possessing an irresistible life  style and living domain makes us enthralled and we are simply moved by it.


Shakthi Excellency is the culmination of values that we inherit over generations with our social interactions and the experience that we accumulate over the years.   Being in the industry for longer years and having delivered homely projects which our valued consumers cherish to own as a lifetime investment; we have placed our endeavour and our focus on Shakthi Excellency to make it a unique dwelling place.


Shakthi Excellency is five floor exclusive domain with uniquely designed and beautifully elevated living spaces and unmatched ambience to make life more colourful and enjoyable indeed.


Shakthi Excellency partakes all other buildings in construction styles and application of architecture and elevation techniques. It definitely draws attention to its uniqueness and to celebrate the ambience it offers in a greener neighbourhood.   It draws itself as a sound architectural advance amidst a growing metropolis that Mangalore prepares for.


              You own a signature when you possess an apartment at Shakthi Excellency.


What makes our elevations distinct?  Are they different from others? Do they give a different dimension to space and living? Do they articulate a new vision for life or living?


If we say yes to all the above questions- then we are offering you something novel hitherto not tried elsewhere! At Shakthi Excellency we  have decided to structure everything in a novel way which definitely involves use of quality materials either in construction or branded accessories in interiors and use of best fixtures for a lifetime of resilient use and utility.  Further it creates a special ambience for city life which makes it distinct for its uniqueness and unrivaled living styles.

Though all the buildings are built from bricks and mortar, the spirit of exuberance and a sense of belonging dawns only when everything combines it to make a work of art. That is why it is spelled as Shakthi Excellency.




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